Over on IG this week, I introduced the 4 elements which serve as a foundational understanding of both astrology and tarot.

ICYMI, the 4 elements are water, earth, air, and fire.

The 4 elements aren’t just the foundational in astrology and tarot. They also work as the underpinning of other concepts – like archetypal psychology, for example.

Imagine a life built with the 4 elements as the foundation. What might this look like? Feel like?

Many of us have learned to set intentions with the new moon and to build check-ins during the moon cycle which correspond to the phases.

Some of us go farther by setting seasonal goals or intentions based on the time of the year and coinciding with equinoxes and solstices.

I’m suggesting adding the elements as another building block for your intention/goal-setting process. I find this paying attention to and flowing with the energies of the natural world supportive of the life I prefer to live.

I begin by looking at each piece and then asking, “What do I want?” in respect to the pieces.

Here’s what that looks like:

Water – Emotions. Relationships.

What emotional support do I need or want to have in my life? What goals do I have around my emotions? (For example, my intention might be: “I’d really love to be less reactive when I’m interacting with my family of origin”)

Which relationships do I want to nurture? Are there relationships that need pruning? (For example, “I want to connect with my dad more often.” Or “I need to set a boundary with the neighbor who gossips about others to me.”)

Earth – Physical body. Structures.

What does my body need right now? (For example, “I could use more sleep.”)

What do the other structures that support me need right now? (For example, “I need to create a monthly budget.”)

Air – Intellect. Communication.

Is there something I want to learn right now? (For example, “I want to learn how to grow culinary herbs.”)

How would I like to communicate with others? (For example, “My intention is to listen before I speak.”)

Fire – Passion. Spirituality. Creativity.

How do I want to express my creativity right now? (For example, “I want to write a story/paint a picture/sew a quilt/arrange flowers/make funny videos.”

How do I want to connect with my inner wise self? How do I want to connect with divinity? (For example, “I want to sit by the water in silence more often.”

Once you have an elemental intention, determining the action steps to make those intentions real becomes clearer.

Finally, doing regular check-ins and reassessing if the intention or goal still fits is helpful in correcting course when something no longer needs your attention. For example, you stop gossip before it begins or you have a regular sleep routine and are ready for different goals.  

If you would like support around identifying your intentions and coming up with a plan for making them a regular part of your life, I hope you’ll schedule an introductory coach session with me today. The only thing it costs is your time.