That which is below corresponds to that which is above

and that which is above corresponds to that which is below

to accomplish the miracle of the One thing

Hermes Trismegistus

I want to share a little formula I use to make meaning out of what is happening in the sky. It goes like this: The planet is the “what”. The house is the “where”. The sign is the “how”. To demonstrate, this post will focus on the Mercury ingress to Leo and the Venus ingress to Cancer. 

Mercury entered the sign of Leo at 11:31 pm EDT on August 4, 2020. Later this week, Venus will enter Cancer at 11:21 am on August 7, 2020.

Mercury just did a retrograde through the sign of Cancer. It had been in Cancer since May 29, 2020.  

Mercury is the planet of logic and communication. It rules transactions and trade. Mercury words include thinking, learning, communicating, teaching, translate, record, negotiate, exchange, adapt, analyze, and, of course, we can never forget that Mercury is the trickster. 

Venus had been in Gemini since April 4, 2020. This is also much longer than usual because Venus retrograded here. 

Venus is the planet of harmonizing and pleasure. Venus words include relating, reconciling, attraction, love, socializing, purchases, pleasing, entertaining, indulging, and Venus can be associated with what we value. 

Now that these planets are direct, they begin to pick up speed. For example, Mercury will shift signs again when it moves into Virgo on August 19, 2020 at 9:29 pm EDT. 

The sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun) is confident, it’s associated with the heart. Some of the phrases associated with Leo, are: to idolize heroes, to integrate one’s talents, or to shine as an individual.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Cancer keywords include: emotional, considerate, supportive, patriotic, protective, loyal, and trusting. Phrases relating to cancer include: to promote belonging and family ties, to create safe space and protective boundaries, and creating a mutually supportive collective.

Now, the final piece is where this is happening. Here’s a description of each of the 12 houses according to traditional astrology. There’s also an inquiry or two to consider for each house based on the associations of the house. 

1st house: the house of you. This is the house of your personality, your appearance, the way you appear to others. (Mercury’s Joy) 

Q: How do I appear to others? How do I feel “seen”?

2nd house: this is the house of your possessions. It’s your money and moveable assets. 

Q: What resources do I have? How do I make money?

3rd house: the house of communication, siblings, operations of the mind, local travel, neighbors and close relatives (not parents). 

Q: How do I communicate with others? What are my routine movements?

4th house: your home and ancestors, your father, land, relationship to tradition.

Q: How do I connect to my roots? Who are my ancestors (and how do I relate to them)?

5th house: children, sex, love affairs, play, self-expression, gambling and investments in the stock market. (Venus’s Joy)

Q: What brings me pleasure? How do I creatively express myself?

6th house: service, servitude, employees, responsibilities, small animals, hygiene, nutrition, work without glamour. 

Q: How am I of service? What am I responsible for?

7th house: marriage partner (spouse or partner), open enemies, opponents, lawsuits, counseling relationships

Q: Who is/are my ideal partner(s)?

8th house: death, handling other people’s money, partner’s assets, fear, phobias, anxiety

Q: How much do I depend on other people’s money? How do I work with fear and anxiety?

9th house: higher mind, philosophy, religion, astrology, long-distance travel, law, teaching, 

Q: How do I relate to unfamiliar ideals, places, and cultures?

10th house: your career, your reputation, your boss, your mother, people in power over you, i.e. authority figures

Q: How do I relate to authority? How do I want others to regard me?

11th house: friends, social circles, clubs, hopes, wishes, ambitions

Q: What are my goals? Who do I socialize with?

12th house: self-undoing, karma, sacrifice, isolation, confinement, withdrawal, hidden enemies, self-denying, lack of activity, large animals

Q: How do I retreat? Where do I self-sabotage?

You can find specifically where this is happening for you by using the chart below: 

Rising SignVenus in CancerMercury in Leo
Aries4th house5th house
Taurus3rd house4th house
Gemini2nd house3rd house
Cancer1st house2nd house
Leo12th house1st house
Virgo11th house12th house
Libra10th house11th house
Scorpio9th house10th house
Sagittarius8th house9th house
Capricorn7th house8th house
Aquarius6th house7th house
Pisces5th house6th house

Let’s put it all together now. If you are a Pisces rising, you might interpret Venus in Cancer in the 4th house as an opportunity to examine how you take pleasure in expressing yourself particularly as your focus in this area tends to be more concerned with collective efforts. 

Remember, the planet is the “what”. The house is the “where”. The sign is the “how”. 

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to know how this is showing up for you.