Goddess Astrology Session


90 minutes session focused on the feminine elements in your natal astrology.

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Astrology sessions are coaching style and include information gathered through interpretation of both natal chart and current transits to natal chart. The “feminine elements” specifically look at aspects that are related to the Moon, Venus, Ceres, Eris, the goddess asteroids, and other dark or yin aspects of the natal chart. Astrological information guides us if we operate from the premise that what is happening in the sky, both at our moment of birth and currently, is resonating with us at the same time.

What does “coaching style” mean? If you’ve ever used the services of a life coach or career coach, then you may have some understanding of my meaning. If not, however, you may wonder why someone would need a coach for their life. Let me be more specific about my meaning: a good coach, in my opinion, isn’t interested in telling what you should do going forward. Rather, a “good” coach will listen well and ask great questions to support you in uncovering the answers you already have about where to focus your attention in your life.

When you choose work with me, I take my cues from you about where you want to focus. For example, maybe you are interested in growing your career over the next year. I would consult your natal chart, the current astrology, and you to help identify the support you need and the pitfalls to be aware of to bring that goal into an achievable reality.

Sessions are recorded and emailed to you within a week.


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